Thursday, January 06, 2011

Self Inflicted Violence?

The Domestic Violence Center of Cleveland is launching a month long campaign to draw attention to itself and it's mission. This years speaker for their luncheon (a luncheon at which my attendance is usually compulsory, but the excuse factory is working overtime!) is Melissa Moore author of "Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer's Daughter". Hmm. Anyway...

The Plain Dealer notes on their missive on the DVC's campaign:
Laura Cowan, a survivor-turned-activist, told how a postal worker helped to save her life.

Cowan was one of three woman and 19 children held captive in California and tortured by a man almost a decade ago. She and her children were beaten, starved and kept in a locked garage until she slipped a 12-page letter to a postal worker that contained a plea for help.

Her abuser, Mansa Musa Mohammed, was sentenced to life in prison for torture last year, more than a decade after he was arrested.
That's a horrible story. It sure seems like if some dude had three women and 19 kids locked up that I would have heard, I dunno, something about it, right?

Well unmentioned in the article is that fact that Mr. Mohammed was Ms. Cowan's husband, along with being the husband of the two other women in the house; and his 19, well, 22 wards of the state that he graced us with was his gift to society.

I guess I should be happy that when it comes to domestic violence that this is the best that the DVC can trot out: the daughter of a serial killer and a woman whose lack of taste in family structures is only exceeded by her lack of taste in men. Maybe the DVC's mission is very nearly a success and they can close up shop?

UPDATE: I was quite late in posting this, but fortune is smiling as I was reminded of this post collecting dust in my drafts when the Plain Dealer today labeled Laura Cowan, a woman whose repeated poor judgement has made this nation worse off, as a "Community Hero". I know we all make mistakes or are caught unawares by some of the results of decisions that we make, but when someone is obviously so clueless it's hard for me to muster up much sympathy.

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