Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Point Taken

A comment left on that article linked by Drudge about the 'snake sexual assualt':
These are not Eau Claire people. One is from Racine, and the other is from Milwaukee, hundreds of miles away. They are in Eau Claire only because HUD and the Eau Claire Housing Authority have been working with Milwaukee's housing authority to move Section 8 people out of Milwaukee and into "non-traditional" areas like Eau Claire. Yes, momma or a girlfriend gets the voucher, the housing people make it attractive for them to move to Eau Claire and like magic the bad boys follow and bring their bad boy krew with them. And the local landlords are offered 20% above the fair market rental rate to go along with this travesty. That is how poverty and crime are being "reduced" in Milwaukee; they are being farmed out to Eau Claire. Social engineering at its worst. A fine small city, not so long ago chosen as one of the 10 Best Places to Live, is being trashed by the HUD Section 8 steamroller. Get ready. HUD could do this to your town next.

Section 8 housing needs to die, die, die, and HUD can go with it.

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