Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Circus

I learned early on that our exchange student Sally had to watch the State of the Union for a class assignment and I set my mind to figuring out a way where I could continue to play my video game while Mrs. Sandmich and Sally watched that crap on the less glorious TV in the basement. It was a fun exercise, but I knew how it was going to end since Mrs. Sandmich stays intentionally clueless about politics. This is probably due to the fact that very few people maintain a near pundit level of political knowledge like myself, so in her mind it's not even worth competing. Anyway, long story made slightly shorter, I had to watch ol' liver lips puke up a speech. Some notes:

  • I spent most of the speech badmouthing the President, the Congress, and since they bothered to show, the Supreme Court. The camera eventually panned to Al Franken and I had a chance to explain that a third rate, idiotic comedian serves as one of our nations highest elected officials and that pretty much says it all.
  • Again with the hydrogen power? From sunlight no less! No worries, idiotic ideas like that and other pointless green energy crap is in line for government gravy from the prez.
  • The prez did say that he would veto bills which contained earmarks, but the point that he made above earlier in the speech proved that was a lie right away.
  • Lock some federal spending for five years and we'll save 400 billion over...ten years...okay. Well that ten years in savings takes care of 33% of the budget shortfall for last year.
  • That joke about the health plan and the laughing was truly uncomfortable. Is this a f****ing joke to him? "Some people's health care premiums have gone up 50%" HAHAHA. "Businesses have to kiss my ring if they want to stay in business because of my law" HAHAHA. "I've decided I don't like the 1099 bit from my law, but I still like all the other bits that make it a poorly written and expensive abomination", OH FOR JOY MY SIDES ARE HURTING!
  • Various bits smacked of "little people have problem, but not me since I big chief". "The recession is over" he says. Right, more like we're hanging on the side of a cliff trying not to fall further down, despite the fact that the government keeps putting bricks in our backpack.
  • No point got a more tepid response that his call for immigration reform. He first stated that he'd work with Congress to enforce the law, but the law is already on the books from Congress, so why doesn't he enforce it now? Sally noted that at the end of the president's point that hardly anyone seemed all that enthused. Message from the prez's own party: "you're on your own on that one buddy".
  • Overall I'd guess that he was an alien substitute for an actual person since he seems so disconnected from what an American actually is. Even our exchange student asked why he said Iraq like he did ("EYEROCK"), but then the overlord went on to make up his own pronunciation for Pakistan since he cannot resist preaching to the lower lifeforms that make up his country on how to properly think, feel, and speak about things.
  • Lastly, and maybe most disgustingly was his joking around in relation to airport security patdowns, as if he has to live through that. Hey jackass, you're in charge of that, WHY DON'T YOU FIX IT INSTEAD OF MAKING LIGHT OF YOUR INCOMPETENCE?
  • The last point was worth a good joke though. The prez had already made pointed comments about how he wanted jobs made here instead of 'there' and when he began speaking about the high speed rail boondoggle he pointed out that "we are the country that built the transcontinental railroad", to which our Chinese exchange student jokingly remarked "Nah ah, Chinese built transcontinental railroad". Touché, Sally, touché

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Central Planning

Back in the U.S.S.R. their central committee would develop 'five year plans' wherein the bureaucrats would come up with all the magical production numbers for their economy; a bunch of idiots in a room being much wiser than the people actually, you know, doing the 'producing'. The results, as you may recall, were less than spectacular to say the least.

Not to be outdone in the idiocy department, Cuyahoga county is experimenting with central planning as well:
Cuyahoga County's economic development commission meets for the first time today and will focus on creating a five-year plan to lure jobs and boost prosperity.
And obviously they're turning their commission over to a panel of Austrian minded economists, right? Ha!
A collaboration of county government, municipal mayors, business, labor and non-profit organizations
Oh yeah, that'll work.

Look, it's not all that difficult: make labor cheaper, get government off the back of businesses instead of bribing a handful of them to tolerate it, and then get the basic government services right. These 'commissions' are simply an attempt to find an excuse to do none of the above.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Non-Snow Day

What brain dead idiot in Parma city schools decided that today wouldn't be a good day for a snow day?

I guess the amount of snow matters less to them than whether or not the day on which it is snowing is a Friday or a Monday.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lunatics on the Loose

I just can't muster much concern or outrage in connection to the Arizona shooting. It's unfortunate and I'd rather it not have happened, but I figured the lefties would politicize it to such an extreme that such an event would best be left ignored (much as when the elites feel free to ignore when their policies lead to the deaths of those that they oversee). True to their vitriol, lefties and some congresscritters (or even worse, lefty congresscritters) seem bound and determined to bad mouth their enemies while putting the screws to the law abiding so as to help them hold onto power no matter what.

Karl Denninger notes some lines from the kook's website that should have let people know that he had issues:
“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun” - “Argue with neighbors, Get in their face!” - “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard” - “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry.” - “Punish your enemies” - “We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick." - “I’m itching for a fight.” “Hand-to-hand combat”.
Oh...sorry, those are quotes from President Obama.

Steve Sailer also notes the media effort last year to read out race as a motivation for an episode of racially motivated mass murder, but has taken the occasion this time to read in every person, place, or thing that they don't like as being at fault in the shooting, classy.

(Update: Drudge also notes the media whitewash of the Ft. Hood Muslim Murder Rampage. There's no low to which the slime in the media won't stoop. They don't care about the dead, only about being able to drag their carcases through town to flog their message. My hope is that the dead rest in peace with their families finding peace and that the perpetrator comes to a horrible end, though I doubt that either goal will come to fruition).

(Update Update: Steve Sailer also notes the media whitewash of the murder of Dutch anti-immigration Prime Minister candidate Pim Fortuyn in 2002 by a lefty assassinin. I myself will point out the shooting rampage at an immigration center in New York. At first lefties flocked to the idea of a right wing nutjob shooting up the place, but then promptly lost interest when it turned out to be someone that shouldn't have been let into the country to begin with.)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Self Inflicted Violence?

The Domestic Violence Center of Cleveland is launching a month long campaign to draw attention to itself and it's mission. This years speaker for their luncheon (a luncheon at which my attendance is usually compulsory, but the excuse factory is working overtime!) is Melissa Moore author of "Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer's Daughter". Hmm. Anyway...

The Plain Dealer notes on their missive on the DVC's campaign:
Laura Cowan, a survivor-turned-activist, told how a postal worker helped to save her life.

Cowan was one of three woman and 19 children held captive in California and tortured by a man almost a decade ago. She and her children were beaten, starved and kept in a locked garage until she slipped a 12-page letter to a postal worker that contained a plea for help.

Her abuser, Mansa Musa Mohammed, was sentenced to life in prison for torture last year, more than a decade after he was arrested.
That's a horrible story. It sure seems like if some dude had three women and 19 kids locked up that I would have heard, I dunno, something about it, right?

Well unmentioned in the article is that fact that Mr. Mohammed was Ms. Cowan's husband, along with being the husband of the two other women in the house; and his 19, well, 22 wards of the state that he graced us with was his gift to society.

I guess I should be happy that when it comes to domestic violence that this is the best that the DVC can trot out: the daughter of a serial killer and a woman whose lack of taste in family structures is only exceeded by her lack of taste in men. Maybe the DVC's mission is very nearly a success and they can close up shop?

UPDATE: I was quite late in posting this, but fortune is smiling as I was reminded of this post collecting dust in my drafts when the Plain Dealer today labeled Laura Cowan, a woman whose repeated poor judgement has made this nation worse off, as a "Community Hero". I know we all make mistakes or are caught unawares by some of the results of decisions that we make, but when someone is obviously so clueless it's hard for me to muster up much sympathy.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Point Taken

A comment left on that article linked by Drudge about the 'snake sexual assualt':
These are not Eau Claire people. One is from Racine, and the other is from Milwaukee, hundreds of miles away. They are in Eau Claire only because HUD and the Eau Claire Housing Authority have been working with Milwaukee's housing authority to move Section 8 people out of Milwaukee and into "non-traditional" areas like Eau Claire. Yes, momma or a girlfriend gets the voucher, the housing people make it attractive for them to move to Eau Claire and like magic the bad boys follow and bring their bad boy krew with them. And the local landlords are offered 20% above the fair market rental rate to go along with this travesty. That is how poverty and crime are being "reduced" in Milwaukee; they are being farmed out to Eau Claire. Social engineering at its worst. A fine small city, not so long ago chosen as one of the 10 Best Places to Live, is being trashed by the HUD Section 8 steamroller. Get ready. HUD could do this to your town next.

Section 8 housing needs to die, die, die, and HUD can go with it.