Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Non Delivery Report

I'm so distressed over the looming pay-day loan bill (i.e. the grand 'tax cut' compromise which is no such thing, but rather a massive additional $900,000,000,000 charge up on the ol' Federal credit card) and the DREAM amnesty-for-law-breakers act that I left mild rant for my elected federal legislators. George Voinivich got off the lightest since so far as I know he's not a huge amnesty fan and he has the gaul to ask that government not be run as if it's budgeting were being done by a crack whore. Dennis Kucinich got off the worst since he had already voted his country down the road with his amnesty vote and I seriously doubt that he has anything against Argentinian economics. I left a mild rebuke for Sherrod Brown as well (who I recently caught lying on the radio about how unemployment insurance is funded) when I pointed out that I wouldn't mind if he helped kill the ghastly tax compromise and, maybe thought of Ohioans first and at least frowned upon the amnesty bill.

Of them all only Brown emailed me a form response back. I really rather he hadn't done so as it was 100% B.S., much like Brown himself. It said that the DREAM act was limited, bipartisan, etc., you know, everything CONgress usually says before the courts turn a travesty of law into even more of an abomination. I was so infuriated that I wrote back a rant on my phone:
Let me know when you favor laws for working Americans rather than those that favor the super rich and/or people who break our laws and I might view you more favorably.

By the way TARP and other number of congressional horrors were bipartisan as well, that buys you zero cover for your views.

Thanks for writing back though...
Since it was my phone, the e-mail reply to address wasn't properly reflected so of course my response from Brown to that e-mail was:
Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
Which is pretty fitting when you think about it. A commentator over at Steve Sailer's site who goes by 'Captain Jack Aubrey' notes:
If they pass this piece of shite [DREAM amnesty] - a reward for breaking the law, at a time of 10% unemployment and $1.3 trillion deficits, and by a Congress who lost its mandate over a month ago - civil disobedience will be my mantra. ... It's clear that the government no longer gives a shit about what the people want, or what's in their best interests. They're just pillaging what's left of this country before they toss it into the trash.
And that's a good synopsis on our government today, especially our Federal government: one giant e-mail non-delivery report. Everything happens in what appears to be a bubble completely sealed off from the world; communication comes out, but nothing makes it's way in.

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