Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paraphrasing TSA News

Quotes as I basically recollect them from NBC news last night in relation to the TSA brew-ha-ha:
Europeans are less likely to have an issue with such actions if they believe that it's for the common good
Those level headed Europeans and their deference to the powers that be: they all know they're looking out for the common good! On a completely unrelated note, I was wondering recently which reason was responsible for the development of Communism and Fascism, it obviously couldn't have been Europe....

Snideness aside, my one source for the European perspective, the British tech rag The Register, spends more time making fun of our government's backward idiocy on this issue than voicing some sort of American Elite imagined European "sheepness". Continuing...
...only 700 complaints with the new procedures thus far [so it's obviously overblown]
Only our Federal government could consider upwards of 700 complaints of sexual assault a rousing success. Imagine if their were allegations of rampant groping at Fox News, and one of their non-criminal screened employees kidnapped a woman and raped her, can you imagine the overlord being so sanguine about the situation?

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