Wednesday, November 03, 2010


As the Cuyahoga county results prove, the problem isn't the politicians, but the voters who put them there. After all the corruption from Democratic single party rule of the county, the voters chose...single party Democratic rule, BRILLIANT! And Dennis Kucinich? Sure it was the tightest race that he's had recently, but really. I wonder how the Democrats even vote for him in the primary, it's not like they could chose someone more incompetent who would lose the district.

That being said, I've brewed up a simple, fiendish that the Republicans can use to make Obamacare fold in on itself: pass a law that all waivers handed out by Health Ministry apply to every individual and business as well. It may well be the one thing that could get out of both houses and Obama could be pressed into signing, and the regulatory fiats would fill that Obamanation full of so many holes that it would become meaningless (if our poor finances don't render that, and many other things, meaningless as well first).

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