Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paraphrasing TSA News

Quotes as I basically recollect them from NBC news last night in relation to the TSA brew-ha-ha:
Europeans are less likely to have an issue with such actions if they believe that it's for the common good
Those level headed Europeans and their deference to the powers that be: they all know they're looking out for the common good! On a completely unrelated note, I was wondering recently which reason was responsible for the development of Communism and Fascism, it obviously couldn't have been Europe....

Snideness aside, my one source for the European perspective, the British tech rag The Register, spends more time making fun of our government's backward idiocy on this issue than voicing some sort of American Elite imagined European "sheepness". Continuing...
...only 700 complaints with the new procedures thus far [so it's obviously overblown]
Only our Federal government could consider upwards of 700 complaints of sexual assault a rousing success. Imagine if their were allegations of rampant groping at Fox News, and one of their non-criminal screened employees kidnapped a woman and raped her, can you imagine the overlord being so sanguine about the situation?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Credit Where It's Due

A couple weeks ago the banking lobby got a horrible bill through Congress which would have allowed them to notarize property transfers, etc., where ever they pleased. Part of this has to do with the 'robosigning' scandal where Bank of America and others signed off on foreclosure documentation 'in bulk' and outside of the law of the municipalities where they were foreclosing. The icing on the cake is that at times they foreclosed on houses which not only weren't in foreclosure, but were houses on which the bank didn't even have a claim of any sort.

To correct this abuse, the banks sought to codify their conduct into law by allowing for 'least common denominator' notaries. For example, I could go to some easily corrupted/duped notary in South Dakota and transfer someone's property in North Carolina to myself (or so I've been led to believe), and the local court system which would clear up the mess would be crippled because the Federal law would force them to accept it.

How did the bankers get such a horrible law through Congress? Easy: voice vote in both houses. The spineless wonders couldn't get themselves to put their names down on such a wretched piece of legislation. Fortunately the blind squirrel that is our President found himself a nut and vetoed the law. I must say that I was amazed that someone (especially Obama) finally got a little bit of a clue that completely selling our nation out to the banks might not be the best idea.

Not to be completely thwarted the House decided to bring the bill up for an override attempt. There was a bit of suspense since many wondered why would the Democratic leadership bring it up for an attempt if they didn't want it passed?

Since the vote wasn't even remotely close (it wouldn't have even passed as a law, let alone overridden a veto) apparently the answer was: to cop out by not signing the law in passing it, but signing off on it's failure in a show of fake courage. The most interesting thing though was that when it came to this fake vote, one party voted to allow the banks to treat the law like a toilet while the other agreed to uphold the veto and unfortunately it came out the exact opposite as I would have hoped...

Techno Song Title of the Year

Well, Techno Song Title of Last Year, apparently:
I've Sold Your Organs On The Black Market To Finance The Purchase Of A Used Minivan
I wouldn't watch/listen to it though, the actual song is
signifigantly less amusing.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Better to Not Travel


Maybe if they spent more time protecting our borders and less time groping kids and nuns Homeland 'Security' might actually mean something.

Saturday, November 06, 2010


The Plain Dealer has a story up on some Muslim/Christian interfaith dinner and SHOCKED I was to find that a local Episcopal church was behind the scheme. This led me to brew up another (surprise) snide comment to post to their venerable website:
Why am I not surprised that the Episcopalians brewed this up. Only a matter of time before they cash their chips in with the mother church and convert their chapels into mosques and their women into camels.

However my wit and wisdom unfortunately didn't make it up onto their page as I guess they were finally on to me:

It would seem that you can't have more than a dozen or so comments deleted by their Komment Kontrol before they boot your account. What brought about many of the deleted comments brings up another story that I was intending on posting about.

Last week an honor student at a near (but not too near) west side high school in Cleveland was beset by a group of thugs after he got off of a bus and attempted to verbally defend his female friend from the sexual comments of one of the thugs. He was unfortunately viciously beaten for this 'crime' and to the best of my knowledge is still in the large hospital down the road.

Now one might be tempted to 'color' this crime with their own presumptions, and for the most part they would be correct. Backing up this line of thought is the fact that the initial Plain Dealer story by propagandist Pat Galbincea* made no mention of race and did not include mugshots of the two captured adult attackers which I know were available as a local TV station posted them that same day. Trolling through different comments it appears that the victim, Jeffrey Meadows Jr., was white while his female friend, Brandi Pritchett, was black; and thus no surprise that the attacking group was mostly black with at least one apparent Hispanic thrown in for good measure (like an evil Power Rangers squad of some sort).

Needless to say I had a couple comments to that story deleted, but they were much more innocuous than you might think since I had already had several very mild comments deleted over the past several months. I know one comment that was related to this story was along the lines of "since race isn't mentioned, is it safe to assume that it was a motivating factor, or not?". Judging from the fact that A) My comment along with many others were deleted and B) comments were closed after no doubt fighting a losing battle, I'd say that race was indeed a motivating factor even if my only source of information was the Plain Dealer's bogus story.

To be fair, the Plain Dealer did eventually post the mugshots...several days later. However the comment that broke my account was in relation to this story detailing a burglary investigation. The Plain Dealer wasted no time in posting a picture of the near-do-well, who happened to be white. I couldn't resist commenting:

Interesting that the PD posted this picture right away while it took them several days to post the mugshots from when that honor student got badly beat up...very interesting indeed. *rubs chin*

I'm not that talented of a writer and unfortunately my ability to convey my rage with the 'west side beating' story is well beyond the scope of my limited talents. There are so many factors at play here:

  • The fact that white people either have to go into hock up to their eyeballs to live in the suburbs, or live as unprotected victim group at the bottom of some bizzaro world racial caste system.

  • The fact that if white people do get an affordable enclave, that not only do they have no lawful method for keeping undesirables out, but their own government will force feed undesirables in via section 8 housing.

  • The fact that white reporters have no issue feeding their fellow whites to the savages that they have to live around.

  • Black men and white men who date black women? This story on the killing of a Polish immigrant Marine sergent and his wife at the hands of his fellow marines says it all, and you probably wouldn't have heard of it were it not for a momentary blurb on the Drudge.

* I really don't see how reporters like Michael Sangiacomo, Pat Galbincea, Donna J. Miller and others can show up to do their job. It's not just because I think they're amoral cretins for be a bunch of lying sacks, there's plenty of people who do that for a living. No it's the fact that a machine could do their job. Does one have to go to journalism school to learn how to leave information out of a story and not ask embarrassing questions and generally do as little work as possible? It's like working at an auto shop where your job is to make sure that cars are not fixed and leave broken AND the customers know this. It seems like it would (and does) make for a very boring, low paying, and unstable job; the worst of all worlds as far employment goes.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


As the Cuyahoga county results prove, the problem isn't the politicians, but the voters who put them there. After all the corruption from Democratic single party rule of the county, the voters chose...single party Democratic rule, BRILLIANT! And Dennis Kucinich? Sure it was the tightest race that he's had recently, but really. I wonder how the Democrats even vote for him in the primary, it's not like they could chose someone more incompetent who would lose the district.

That being said, I've brewed up a simple, fiendish that the Republicans can use to make Obamacare fold in on itself: pass a law that all waivers handed out by Health Ministry apply to every individual and business as well. It may well be the one thing that could get out of both houses and Obama could be pressed into signing, and the regulatory fiats would fill that Obamanation full of so many holes that it would become meaningless (if our poor finances don't render that, and many other things, meaningless as well first).

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Getting Clean

Not the first thing I'd think of when seeing (or smelling) a donkey:

Hecho en Meh-hee-ko!