Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Watching Movies

I saw more movies this past week than I think I have the rest of the year (thus far)...
  • Goldfinger (cable): the local cable co-op channel (no ads, uncut, etc) had the hi-def, remastered copy of this film on. I'm tempted to say that this film didn't even look this good when it was first released, and still so much fun!
  • Zombieland (DVD): Good to sit through once, but the 88 minute playing time felt padded.
  • Repo Men (Blu-Ray): Not good to sit through once; essentially a two hour long ad for playing video games and not watching movies.
  • The Expendables: A cheeseball plot provides a weak skeleton for copious, musclebound violence. Another fun one to see, though Mrs. Sandmich didn't care for it quite so much. Perhaps it was the 30 minutes or it took for the machine gun noise to finally leave our ears?
  • Inception: After seeing this I thought it was odd that Leonardo DiCaprio has done a pretty good job in everything that he's been in except, in my opinion, Titanic, which is probably the film that he's most known for. It's not an age thing either since he was in Quick and the Dead before Titanic and he was still better in the former than the latter. Anyway, a good head trippy movie that I'll probably pick up, though no one will watch it with me.
  • Pirana 3D: Basically an educational film where the outsides and insides of the human anatomy are presented in a 3D blow apart format (with some body parts, ahem, favored more than others). If I could have though, I would have liked to have watched the last third of the movie without 3D as I was sick of wearing the glasses.

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