Thursday, September 09, 2010

Undo Influence

The Parma/Parma Heights area suffers from over taxation, poor governance, sloppily run schools and an unfriendly business environment (my current workplace was threatened with not getting an occupancy permit by Parma because our water heater was set to a useful temperature that was still colder than that in most people's houses). Little surprise then that it is one of Obama's favorite places since he gave his big rally speech this past Friday at 'Tri-C west' (Cuyahoga Community College West is where Kid Sandmich is rounding out his High School education), and two and half years earlier he gave a campaign speech at Valley Forge high school (where our exchange student went last year) and it also happens to be right across the street from Tri-C west.

I wonder if he could at least send over enough government gravy to complete the road construction in the area that's been going on for more than a year so that it will be all cleaned up for his next visit.

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