Friday, August 06, 2010

Not Defending Us Here or There

The Federal government's abject refusal to control illegal immigration (indeed their active efforts to keep it from happening!) is disturbing enough, but one would think that if they're spending billions in war they would get their 'i's dotted and their 't's crossed. From Andy McCarthy:

Yesterday, after three months of delay, the State Department finally issued its congressionally mandated annual terrorism report. It shows that the United States has not even designated the Taliban as a terrorist organization — not in Afghanistan, not in Pakistan.
Yet, as you can see, the State Department does not list the Taliban organizations with which we are at war, even though it continues to list the Basques, the Tamil Tigers, Kahane Chai (an Israeli group that disbanded about 16 years ago), a renegade wing of the Irish Republican Army, and several other groups that have nothing to do with anti-American terrorism.

Just further proof that at every link in the chain our government is either passively or actively incompetent.

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