Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Intellectual Content Lunacy

It looks like Microsoft is close to scoring Hulu for Xbox Live subscribers. I didn't think much of it at first since I had watched Hulu on occasion through the PS3 web browser, but I hadn't for a while since...well, there's nothing I want to watch on Hulu. I guess though that Hulu disabled PS3 viewing some time ago because, for reasons that don't make sense:
This is actually pretty clear cut. Content providers are uncomfortable with the concept of video streaming on the PS3, because the console is typically connected to a television. This content delivery gray area is enough to somehow screw with, or simply muddy, their licensing arrangements or somesuch, so they're exercising caution.
So distilled, you can hook a Windows or Apple computer to your TV to watch Hulu, but not a Sony computer that has 'PS3' stamped on it? Even though I'm more than free to download boots of those same products to watch them on my PS3? What am I missing?

There are various wonky workarounds on the 'net, but they require the use of a different computer.

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