Friday, June 25, 2010

Not High on Jews

At the YMCA they turn on closed captioning on the TVs so that people can watch one of the four screens since there is no mechanism to listen to them. In another case of hard hitting journalism, CNN had a story on about the final days of Michael Jackson and someone was talking about an extreme amount of antiseptic, except the closed captioning translated it as:
"Such an extreme amount of antisemitism could only be administered intravenously"

Monday, June 14, 2010

Banking Commissars

From Wikipedia:
A political commissar was a high-ranking functionary at a military headquarters who held coequal rank and authority with the military commander of the unit. Political commissars were established to control the military forces by the Communist party. No military order might be issued which did not have the prior approval of both the commander and the commissar.

Although lower-level political officers never received the same military training as commanding officers, most commissars were high-ranking party bosses and never had any military training or talent.

From the WSJ on banking regs in the financial overhaul bill in CONgress:
The presence of a diversity czar is one way Congress and the White House can intimidate these regional presidents to go along with the policies they favor. No Fed bank president will want to take the risk of being hauled before Congress to answer a report that the banks under his jurisdiction aren't racially or gender sensitive enough in their lending.
It's rather dubious how independent the Fed is from these pressures as it is. It looks to me that what incompetence there is at the Fed can be tied directly to Congressional action (google 'Community Reinvestment Act' for proof), so obviously more Congressional interference will make it better!

I wonder if this Commissar will be able to stand in for lefty environmental concerns eventually as well or if that will require a completely different Commissar. I'd imagine that it would okay to do double duty since they're already doing bank work, and it doesn't matter that they know nothing about that.

Continuing from Wikipedia:
Following the disasters of 1942, the political command was abolished.
I guess the current great recession was not a bad enough disaster; I wait with baited breath for one that is!

What's that have to do with anything?

From a story on the Japanese asteroid probe returning to earth:
Local Aboriginal tribespeople were to assist in the recovery of the canister to ensure no damage is done to sites sacred to their ancient culture, which stretches back more than 40,000 years.
I think that if your people have been around for that long and the best you can do is to live off of government money from people who have only lived there a couple hundred years then your ancestors largely wasted their time. To paraphrase a line from Sea Lab: 40,000 years of stupid.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oversecuring Underproducers

A billion dollars to host the G8/G20?

Is humanity (or more importantly, Canadians) going to be a $1,000,000,000 better off because these idiots decided to get together? I would postulate that we'd probably be several times that better off if in fact they never did, but that's neither here nor there.

With this meeting I can't help but think about how the villainous group 'The Apostles of the Stars' in the manga Black Cat used their super powers to trash such an event and kill everyone involved. Perhaps the Canadians came to this same conclusion and decided to blow real money to protect themselves from cartoon characters because there's no one attending that meeting who is important enough to warrant that level of coddling and security, especially in order to isolate them from a worldwide public that largely doesn't give a rat's ass about any of these characters.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Two Police Officer Tales

A simple educated guess that a motorist is speeding is all the evidence a police officer needs to write an ironclad speeding ticket, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday.

Patrolmen Matthew Prince and David Muniz were assigned to investigate. Instead, they drove past Angel Bradley-Crockett's nude body without stopping or shining their spotlight and told a dispatcher to have ODOT pick up a dead deer.

Intellectual Content Lunacy

It looks like Microsoft is close to scoring Hulu for Xbox Live subscribers. I didn't think much of it at first since I had watched Hulu on occasion through the PS3 web browser, but I hadn't for a while since...well, there's nothing I want to watch on Hulu. I guess though that Hulu disabled PS3 viewing some time ago because, for reasons that don't make sense:
This is actually pretty clear cut. Content providers are uncomfortable with the concept of video streaming on the PS3, because the console is typically connected to a television. This content delivery gray area is enough to somehow screw with, or simply muddy, their licensing arrangements or somesuch, so they're exercising caution.
So distilled, you can hook a Windows or Apple computer to your TV to watch Hulu, but not a Sony computer that has 'PS3' stamped on it? Even though I'm more than free to download boots of those same products to watch them on my PS3? What am I missing?

There are various wonky workarounds on the 'net, but they require the use of a different computer.