Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Liberals Screwing Over Liberals

My brother, a teacher in Colorado, points to this story about a pending law in that state to punish teachers whose students do not do good:
Senate Bill 191, which passed the Senate on Friday and was introduced into the House on Monday, seeks to tie 50 percent of teacher and principal evaluations to student growth and would change the way teachers get and keep tenure.
Now Republicans liking something like this doesn't surprise me since even outside of 'good intentions' there would certainly be a bit of a revenge motivation to get back at the unions. However, my favorite bit with this is Democrats passing this stuff onto the very unions who support them (Whoops!). The reason for this is that they figure that there must be some secret missing sauce that is causing reprobate students to fail, especially blacks and Hispanics, and that if they antagonize the teachers enough they will quit holding out and produce the desired results of turning third world immigrants into brain surgeons.

Best of luck on that boys! And if you're a teacher who gets to teach losers, then prepare to screwed by The Man (and if you're The Man, prepare for no one to want to teach your losers).

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