Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Boomers Steal The Future

From here:
It also includes another $24 billion to bail out state governments and their public employee unions, and could see the last minute addition of $23 billion more targeted specifically for teachers unions.
I guess it's only fair that the lazy government workers get bailed out since the lazy steel workers and lazy autoworkers (among others) already got bailed out, but their private fiscal shortcomings are about to turn into government debt as well, debt which is probably already at a level which cannot be paid back.Their shall be little left over other than a dried out, picked over carcass by the time the boomers have moved on.

They did a pretty good job of destroying the present, but I guess that wasn't enough since the future must be destroyed as well.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Language Barrier

After closing out a Microsoft support call which was brought about from a bug which was supposedly patched, but not, I was asked to fill out a survey. One of the questions concerned the communication skills of the technicians, and since one part was with some Chinese via e-mail who communicated in manner befitting operational instructions for a third rate TV and the other was on the phone in India ('nuff said), I gave a rather low rating. On the survey they wanted to know why it was low, but not really:

My guess would be, they alreay know the answer themselves if you don't answer 'too technical'.

Monday, May 10, 2010

All for One...

Denninger (among others) notes:
Since the US is "required" to contribute 17% of the IMF's funding, this means you, the taxpayer, have just been hit for $48.6 billion to cover the debts of nations who spend more than they make - and no, they're not the United States (or the states IN The United States.)

It gets better. The Fed's "swaplines" that have been reopened this evening could conceivably pay for part or all of the ECB's foreign bond buying.

What this means is that the U.S. has just saw fit loan money to Europe. On what planet does that make sense? As well the Fed is going to swap countless dollars for EU debt and Euros, ensuring that if Europe blows up so do we and, hopefully vice-versa.

The term 'punting' is usually used in reference to pushing these problems off into the future, but a better sports analogy would be extending the playing time of the game in the hopes that your team can somehow come up with a way to overcome it's seventy point deficit, never minding the fact that the other team is going to keep racking up points the longer the game goes.

Friday, May 07, 2010

You're a Winner!

Unless you're a U.S. citizen, in which case you're a loser!
The winners from the 2010 Diversity Visa Program!
WTF is a Diversity Visa, and how could it not be awful?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Liberals Screwing Over Liberals

My brother, a teacher in Colorado, points to this story about a pending law in that state to punish teachers whose students do not do good:
Senate Bill 191, which passed the Senate on Friday and was introduced into the House on Monday, seeks to tie 50 percent of teacher and principal evaluations to student growth and would change the way teachers get and keep tenure.
Now Republicans liking something like this doesn't surprise me since even outside of 'good intentions' there would certainly be a bit of a revenge motivation to get back at the unions. However, my favorite bit with this is Democrats passing this stuff onto the very unions who support them (Whoops!). The reason for this is that they figure that there must be some secret missing sauce that is causing reprobate students to fail, especially blacks and Hispanics, and that if they antagonize the teachers enough they will quit holding out and produce the desired results of turning third world immigrants into brain surgeons.

Best of luck on that boys! And if you're a teacher who gets to teach losers, then prepare to screwed by The Man (and if you're The Man, prepare for no one to want to teach your losers).

Out of Sorts

I was listening to yet more college radio, and after the seventies funk marathon ended they turned up their sweet sound of the hills with bands like 'Billy Bob and the Pig Pokers' that feature five minute air jug serenades to their moonshine destined corn patch and that...Natalie Merchant?!

Guess so!