Friday, April 02, 2010


My wife was watching Bones, a show I only watch on the odd occasion in the hopes that the characters on the show get some brain eating disease that makes them kill each other to get at their delicious liver juices, and they were talking about a fictional book starring a female forensic anthropologist written by the main character who is also a female forensic anthropologist. Mrs. Sandmich explained that the main character in the fictional book was named Kathy Reichs, the same name as the forensic anthropologist that wrote actual books about a fictional female forensic anthropologist on whom the fictional TV show about a female forensic anthropologist is based...yeah, something like that!

The first thought that sprang to mind was the caustic reaction that Mrs. Sandmich had to a Bjork video I showed her a month or two ago even though, apparently, Kathy Reichs is the real life Bachelorette:

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