Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ford vs Toyota

While Toyota over-grovels over a possible, yet very rarely occurring, manufacturing defect, my brother-n-law had reminded me of Ford's exploding tire issue. Toyota is paying out of pocket to fix the issue they're confronted with, even though it looks like they have grounds to fight back against it and it certainly isn't anything they did intentionally even if true; but what did Ford owners get? The owners who purchased a car which shipped with intentionally deflated tires (probably to cover up some manufacturing sloppiness) that had a tendency to blow up and send people flying off the road ? $500 to buy another of the same car. Nice job standing behind that product!

My coworker loves her Ford, but I have to admit that after looking it over it seems like they gave up making it when it was about 95% of the way done. It was almost as if once it looked like a 'car' they felt they no longer had to engineer and build any more of it (though their history shows that they have a tendency to give up even before that).

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