Friday, March 19, 2010

How to Unsubscribe from Verisign Spam

Tell them everything about yourself and hope that they wouldn't possibly ever use it to send you spam of other sorts, or sell it others who would:

I should note that I finally decided to try to end their spam coming to me when they decided to send the same spam at the same time to two different work e-mail addresses that go to the same mailbox.

Update: It would appear that since they are now owned by Symantec that cooler heads have prevailed and the form now only requires an email address and communication preference (i.e., none).  Maybe I'll remove the ban hammer that I put on them on our spam firewall....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Good Sense

Mrs. Sandmich tried to get tickets to the Overlord's local visit so that our exchange student could take in a presidential visit, but the crowds for tickets were too much. I feel like a bit of a layabout since there's a variety of issues that I care very deeply about, but none so much that I'd be willing to take a day off of work so that I could camp out in forty degree Cleveland weather on the off chance that I'd get to berate the president about it.

It's all for naught anyway. Obama is blowing what's left of his credibility on one last windmill charge, and he may yet bring it down, but alas, it's windmill and not a dragon.

Reminds me of a bit I saw in the comments section of a site in relation to the UK government, but equally applicable here. He said his government could take advantage of a program for organizations that have 'more money than good sense'; he conceded that the government was broke, but that he still stood by the statement.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ford vs Toyota

While Toyota over-grovels over a possible, yet very rarely occurring, manufacturing defect, my brother-n-law had reminded me of Ford's exploding tire issue. Toyota is paying out of pocket to fix the issue they're confronted with, even though it looks like they have grounds to fight back against it and it certainly isn't anything they did intentionally even if true; but what did Ford owners get? The owners who purchased a car which shipped with intentionally deflated tires (probably to cover up some manufacturing sloppiness) that had a tendency to blow up and send people flying off the road ? $500 to buy another of the same car. Nice job standing behind that product!

My coworker loves her Ford, but I have to admit that after looking it over it seems like they gave up making it when it was about 95% of the way done. It was almost as if once it looked like a 'car' they felt they no longer had to engineer and build any more of it (though their history shows that they have a tendency to give up even before that).

Monday, March 01, 2010

Exchange Student Notes #4

(We are hosting an exchange student from China for this school year. Sally is her phony baloney American name. Previous episodes are here, here, and here)

  • There had been a few awkward moments after Sally arrived and we would be watching something on TV with Chinese being spoken and she would get a puzzled look on her face and say that she couldn't understand them. At one point we said that perhaps they were speaking Cantonese, at which point she would get an even more puzzled look. "You know", we'd say "the other dialect spoken in China? We call it Cantonese over here, or perhaps it's Mandarine?" (us not knowing which she spoke). Upon hearing this she would shake her head 'no' and say that China only speaks Chinese. Even I felt uncomfortable asserting that I know something so obvious about a country that someone who is actually from there does not, so I left it at that and figured that I had gotten something wrong. When her more worldy sister came to visit though, she set her right and noted the two dialects. Is this something that's ignored in Chinese schools? Seems like a pretty deal to gloss over.

  • Having a firmer grasp on the diallect Sally speaks and how it sounds , I thought about asking her if she understood this bit, but upon watching the whole thing, I decided that it would probably be best if I didn't...

  • Favorite question from Sally thus far: "why is everything here made in China?". Good question.
  • A recent incident reminded me of an earlier story that I had failed to relate. We were driving home from the airport after having first picked Sally up and on the way home, with these weirdos she had just met, she sneezed. We all said "gazuntite" at the same time without thinking much about it and she looked at use liked we tried steal her soul or something. We then had to explain, etc. However just the other day I sneezed (not an infrequent event) and she said 'bless you', again, without apparently thinking about it. It will be interesting when (if?) she goes back to China and she catches herself saying that to sneezing acquintences.

  • A certain friend of mine said that he ever went to Asia he would hang out at the KFCs since he would find the rest of the food options unedible. Well I've been surprised that given a fast food choice Sally defaults to fried chicken of some sort since it is the most like some food dishes back home. Fired chicken: the lingua franca food of the planet!