Friday, February 19, 2010

Tech Delusion

From this story on the cyber attacks against Google:
... the NYT story was quick to point out that even though the attacks originated in China, that doesn’t mean that the Chinese government, or any other Chinese source for that matter, launched the attacks.
Yup, you keep right on believing that.

If such behaivior is tolerated it really doesn't matter. Kind'a like when I send Amazon and e-mail when there is an abuse with their cloud service and they reply with an ad for said service ("One of the biggest advantages of Amazon EC2 is that developers are given complete control of their instances. ")

Monday, February 15, 2010

Emaciated Logic

Snow days deprive kids of food

That obviously explains why there's so many fatties in Cleveland, so many in fact that the Y gave away free short term memberships for the first couple months of this year in an effort to reduce the gravitational issues Cuyohoga county is causing the planet.

What's interesting is that those taking up the free memberships aren't the scooter bound 'Hut' that I see motoring around the mall, and more people who were in okay shape but couldn't afford a gym membership (surprise). Oh well, only a couple more months of clogged aerobic machines and classes (though the response was so overwhelming that some people get to take up a rain check in April).