Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Exchange Student Notes #3

(We are hosting an exchange student from China for this school year. Sally is her phony baloney American name)

  • I love how she took a bite of a cheesecake that I had made, and although you could tell that her stomach was telling her to wolf it down, you could also tell that she was thinking that she was five bites away from going back home as the 'fat American' and having all of her friends laugh and point at her. She deferred to the mincemeat pie.
  • We rented GI Joe (yes, it was free) and although I'm not partial to subtitles they make it easier for Sally to watch English language movies and I figured the less I saw of that movie the better so I turned them on. Good golly, I was thinking that movie would have been dramatically better with no dialog at all. It turned my stomach, but Sally loved the movie a bunch. Probably something along the same lines of my listening to sugary J-POP tunes, the full force of the artist's intent doesn't come across, making the inept end product more palatable to those who cannot completely understand it.
  • After catching that new Disney Christmas Carol movie (yes, free, again) we stopped by Skyline. I had already eaten my calorie quota that night (and then some) so I passed on getting anything (feel free to be amazed). Kid Sandmich got a jumbo three way and I explained to Sally that many years ago I'd eat two of those, four chili-cheese coneys (she was eating 1) and an order of garlic bread all in one sitting (feel free to be amazed again). She got a mildly puzzled look and stated that most Americans she sees eat a lot "but dad, you eat..." and then made a small oval with both of her hands. I then explained that after years of eating two jumbo three ways, four cheese coneys, and an order of garlic bread in one sitting, that my big eating days are unfortunately behind me (hopefully!).
  • She also caught a high school football game, but didn't care for it. She thought that basketball was much better, though I'm sure the fact that being out in the cold rain to watch the football game influenced her decision.
  • Mrs. Sandmich had set a 'rule' for Sally that she could sleep in as long as she liked on her days off of school so that she could talk to her family the night before. If we do the Exchange student thing again this rule will need to be shot down. I was okay with knowing that she would be skipping breakfast, but this past weekend she got up at quarter till four (and no that's not AM) making the planning of anything iffy.

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