Monday, October 12, 2009

Amusing Danger

I'm taking a particular interest in the absolute personal data destruction of the Microsoft Sidekick phones. Back when we were getting new phones at work T-Mobile offered (from what I recall) two Windows Mobile phones: the Wing and the Sidekick. The only reason that I went with the Wing over the Sidekick was because the Sidekick was running Windows Mobile 5 (which turns out to be 99.9% the same as the Windows Mobile 6 that came on the Wing, but oh well...).

Anyway, the exec in charge of 'Premium Mobile Experiences' at Microsoft and thus in charge of the 'Danger' division which nuked the data has the amusing name of Roz Ho. I'm certain that applications are being accepted for the soon to be open position; women with supervillain names are encouraged to apply.

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