Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Spend Money to Make Money

Pretty typical for Ohio:
CLEVELAND (AP) -- A state lawmaker is complaining about signs that let passing motorists know when Ohio road work is courtesy of federal stimulus money.

The state has ordered that markers identify Ohio's 365 stimulus projects at both ends of construction zones, at a cost estimated at more than $1 million.
ODOT spokesman Scott Varner says the state felt it was important to show taxpayers how stimulus money is being used.
Back when thee company I work for had a graphite processing operation, I convinced myself that the horrific level of filthiness associated with processing powered graphite was actually the color of money: that filth helped pay my paycheck. However, I was under no delusions that any other person would think that such a place was only good for filming horror movies.

Such it is with these stupid signs. When motorists are stuck for hours on end in construction, or writing $100 checks for going three miles over the incredibly torqued down speed limit, or taking a painful detour, the last thing that springs to their mind is 'gratitude' when some arrogant ass like Scott Varner slaps his name on an overpriced sign to proclaim that he is responsible for the mess. Only someone with an ego as inflated as his could think that the work responsible for his paycheck is anything other than pain and misery for those outside of his profession.

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