Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Pallet Swap Too Far?

Check out this picture from Getty Images:

Ahh the legend of the attractive woman in the data center. This picture gets a lot of play, for reasons I figure have to do with playing on tech nerd fantasies (with said tech nerds associating themselves with one of the guys in the back)*. However, the picture gets SO much play that it's lost whatever effectiveness it may have once had. Here's just the woman on the banner for one of Microsoft's virtualization sites:

Here she is shilling something on CDW's page:

IBM also used the photo with their Director product, but they pallet swapped the shirt to change it up:

And here's the picture being used in a print ad for PC Connection where they pallet swapped...uh oh:

For reasons unknown to me they also sloppily threw on a dress shirt and tie on the guy in the back. I guess they figured he was disrepectin' da honies by wearing just that white shirt.

* Though to be fair, the pictures use may have more to do with price than anything. Use of the photo can be had for a couple bucks, while similar pictures (like this one)require negotiating a price for their commercial use.

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