Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Good Citizens

(Yet another) Black mob nearly beats a white person to death in northeast Ohio:
CLEVELAND- The St. Rocco's Festival on Cleveland's west side is generally considered family friendly.

But Cleveland Police say around 10 o'clock Saturday night, a 17-year-old boy was kicked and beaten by 20 teenagers as he was leaving the festival.

Justin Winemiller says it appears the motive for the attack was the thrill of beating him unconscious and capturing it on tape.

The high school senior tells Fox 8 News "they threw me up against the wall and while they were kicking me, someone was recording the whole attack, someone was spinning around, making sure they got every angle of me getting kicked and me getting thrown to the ground."
I anxiously await all those black parents who are concerned about their neighborhood to call the culprits into the police.


John Craig said...

One thing I've noticed over time is that whenever there is a particularly horrific crime committed by white people, it's usually committed by one (or possibly two, at most) severely disturbed or sociopathic individuals. Yet when blacks commit this sort of crime, it's often done by a group of five or ten (or in this case, twenty).

John Craig said...

PS -- Sociopaths are supposed to be, according to expert consensus, roughly 3% of the population. So the odds of two sociopathic whites getting together are not that great. (And sociopaths tend not to hang with other sociopaths because they prefer to have someone they can manipulate). How is it that we're constantly hearing that so many seemingly sociopathic blacks can come together at once?

Evil Sandmich said...

I'll use the power of my oatmeal breakfast to put forth a hypothesis.

I would guess that large groups of black teens can tend to form since they have poorly formed (if at all)families, families that would otherwise occupy their time to keep them from this sort of business. Likewise, since they have little to no discipline in their lives they can have a tendency to behave badly. The poor parental supervision wields it's ugly head again as the teens rightly believe that no one at home will call them on it. Poor law enforcement rounds out the issue (no one has yet been charged) and if they are brought in they will probably just get probation.

All that is why I’m ever tempted to think that only a hard, fast Singapore style justice system will ever keep the peace in this country. I don’t see white people going for much longer without forming their own mobs (especially if they rightly conclude that no one in the government has their back), and Hispanics are already given to form their own mobs (one popped up earlier in the year on the near west side to confront a couple of white guys outside of a liquor store, no one was hurt and it was very poorly reported on (surprise!) so the reasons for its formation and dispersion are unknown).

But yeah, a white freak keeps a teen girl locked in his basement for a couple years and it's wall-to-wall national news, while the second black mob beatdown of a white person in northeast Ohio this year can barely muster a wimper in the local news.

[I must note that I got the racial makeup of the mob from the comments section of the news story, not any of the stories themselves]

John Craig said...

Good theory. I'd add the IQ angle and the higher rate of sociopathy in the inner city angle to it as well.

It is always striking the way white crimes and black crimes are covered. The simple imagine-if-the-races-were-reversed scenario is always illuminating. If that had been the case here, the NY Times would have given it front page coverage for a week running.

Evil Sandmich said...

I agree. IQ issues, welfare and a dense pot of urban decay are the fertile soil from which these pathogens spring. Since there's probably no 'going back', we can probably only hope to contain them since addressing the 'soil' issue would be much too brave to do on someone's part.

John Craig said...

Well put. It would certainly be too brave -- and suicidal -- on any politician's part.

Anonymous said...

White gangs do the same thing in england where it's called happy slapping. It's nothing unique to black people.

To call for black parents to turn the kids in assumes that the parents are aware of who did it and are intentionally staying silent.

It's baseless.

Evil Sandmich said...

Class resentment and government welfare have bred groups of whites in England who are not too dissimilar in their behaviors from American blacks and a strong parallel can be drawn between the two.

Steve Sailer has noted that the civil rot caused by government benefits affects those of the left side of the bell curve most severely. In other words someone who was born with the mental acuity to become a rocket scientist probably isn't going to become a perpetually out of work TV viewing drunk just because he got a few checks from Uncle Sam. It needs to be pointed out that unfortunately for mankind, the left side of the bell curve isn't evenly distributed among races.

However, this is one reason why I believe that NO ONE should be on welfare and that EVERYONE should be subject to the same, harsher laws for this type of behavior. Inevitably such intents become labeled as racist since it disproportionally affects one group more than the other. It seems that critics want to have it both ways: that anyone can be prone to doing stuff like this, while attempting to prevent said behavior falls out of favor because it disproportionally affects one (or two) groups. The second part proves that the first part is a lie.

As for your point about it being bad of me to assume the intentions of the black parent(s), I've seen no strong proof that inner city blacks in particular are interested in establishing a just, civil society especially if that means that in the absence of one that more can be exploited from the government/white people. I have any number of news stories to back up my point, but if I had to sum it up in one word it would be 'OJ'.