Sunday, August 16, 2009


Been busy with two things. First up we have been carving room out of our house for a guest visitor, an exchange student, who will be with us for the next nine to ten months. This involved a lot of cleaning and pitching stuff that we'll never use. After a few hectic moments our student arrived, ready to experience the best that Ohio public schools have to offer (their Africa program must have been full):

It takes a complete stranger to let you know how truly you are. And by 'you' I mean 'me.

Secondly I've been busy with the garden (and a special thanks to whoever picked up the organic gardening mag for me, it's quite good!). Today I spent some time that may have ordinarily been spent blogging, shucking sunflowers instead:

Three this size

I was just going to salt them, but I changed my mind and I'm trying to make them Cincy chili flavored.

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Anonymous said...

unfortunately while roasting the sunflower seeds they were forgotten on the grill over the heat and turned to ash . I am truely sorry honey . Mrs.Sandmitch