Monday, July 06, 2009

More Health Care Idiocy

From here:
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., compared requiring all Americans to have health insurance with mandating that drivers carry auto insurance.

"We want everybody in the system," Hoyer said. "That will bring costs down."
Only in CONgressworld does driving up the demand for a scarce resource decrease the costs. Part of their master plan for costs reduction is to pay doctors less for patient maintenance; so while they are driving up demand for doctors, which would ordinarily drive up the price, they are attempting a price control where they give a pittance of a reimbursement rate. Although people who don't have mashed potatoes for brains already knows where this leads, since Massachusetts already has a idiotic system like this we also have a real world example of, surprise, SHORTAGES:
The 47-year-old single mother has advanced Lyme disease, and she can't find a primary care doctor to oversee her care. She's called half a dozen practices in three towns, and none are accepting new patients. So when problems come up, even routine ones, she comes to the emergency room. Each time, she goes through her medical history with the intake nurse.
AMAZING! Who would have seen that coming?!?!? I mean, besides the morons in Congress and their illiterate supporters? Word on the street is that the only way this might be patched to work in the short run is to force doctors to dedicate a certain percentage of their case load to government insured patients.

On top of that, one idea floated was to charge companies with more than 25 employees a fine of $750 a year per employee to cover their employees government insurance. Much has been over this added cost, but I had the opposite reaction. I figured it was only a matter of time before I was forced into ObamaCare since my workplace spends more than $750 to cover one month of our private insurance. Other workplaces will come to the same conclusion and will happily saddle the Feds with their costs, bloating the program well beyond it's funding capabilities. Supposedly Congress fixed it to prevent employers from doing just that, but we are talking Congress here so I highly doubt it's effectiveness.

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