Friday, July 24, 2009

Get Robbed and Die in a Fire

It's been quite a few busy weeks for ol' LiverLips Obama. First he takes a stand that white firefighters should not be employed, then he states that police officers (and white ones in particular) are 'stupid' for doing their jobs. I guess white people must suffer any number of horrors so that ideologues like Obama and their white useful idiots can feel smug about themselves.

His fudged apologies haven't helped his cause and his attempts to stay on the health care topic have bombed since people are more worried about being able to eat in six months than whether or not they feel like paying through the nose to go to the DMV for medical care*. I guess it doesn't help that a lot of people have figured (correctly) that Obama will favor inner city emergency rooms to long term care for the aging (why else would he want to set all the government medical rates? Turn down the 'white' people money knob, turn up the 'NAM'** people money knob).

I'm sure the press didn't mean to put their man in such an awkward position, but if they want to have fun with him in the future they can ask "OJ, innocent or guilty?"

*Watching this fight over national medical care would be like watching me debate for months about whether to buy my own tropical island. In both cases the subject cannot come close to affording it.

**For the uninitiated, NAM = non-Asian minorities


John Craig said...

Just wandered over here from Steve Sailer. Excellent blog, and I like this post in particular. "Liver lips" is perfect; have never heard anyone else describe him that way before, but it does capture something about his appearance. And "favor inner city emergency rooms to long term care for the aging" sums up what this entire administration is all about. Good job.

Evil Sandmich said...

Thanks! That phrase came to mind when I overheard a coworker say something about how she doesn't like to watch him talk because it looks like two giant worms are trying to escape from his face.

John Craig said...

That's a woman with rare honesty. Most women feel obliged to say how handsome they think he is, whatever they really feel. I guess you could say they're paying "lip service" to pc values.