Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Liquor Up!

While at my niece's baptism, we were debating good whiskey (and bourbon specifically) when my brother-in-law brought out the 'good stuff', Knob Creek. Made by Jim Beam and aged around 9 years, this is one smooth liquor, and with a good deal more alcohol than your average whiskey.

It's kind'a on the expensive side, probably due to the length of time it's aged (Maker's Mark*, my personal favorite, ages five to six years if I recall correctly), but I still thought it might be nice to have a bottle.

Guess not though since Mrs. Sandmich points out that they've run out of the stuff and won't be able to make more until October! No run on the banks in our current economy, but on a run on the liquor; I knew I should have invested in a still instead of a 401K.

UPDATE: Strike that; the higher end Jim Beam Bourbon that I was thinking of was Booker's, not Knob Creek (which is...not my thing). See comments for details.

*Fun fact: Maker's and Jim Beam are owned by the same multi-national conglomerate.


Bro'n'Law said...


You may be in luck after all. I was feeding you Booker's, which is the Jim Beam high end. All of my Knob Creek ( my personal favorite ) was gone already...

Evil Sandmich said...

I thought that I had those backwards!

Fun story (that you've heard). When we went to the Jim Beam distillery they let us try samples of two of their higher end bourbons: Knob Creek and Booker's. Since then I've always had trouble keeping them straight even though one tastes smooth and clean (Booker's) and the other one tastes like used engine block cleaner (Knob Creek); not that there's anything wrong with liking the taste of that ;-)

Justin said...

Booker's is great but I've always thought Baker's was a fair compromise when I couldn't afford the best.