Sunday, June 28, 2009

Black Cat

Time for a real obit, one that doesn't involve America's favorite carnival freak. An obit which unfortunately involves another Sandmich family pet.

First a the beginning. When we moved up to Cleveland back in 2009 I half thought in the back of my mind that one day I'd find a good enough job or retire enough debt to be able to move back down. Along with the family I'd be able to take all the pets back to their original home as well. Silly, I know; but I'm a rather silly person.

Well the job I had turned into probably what could be one of the greatest private sector jobs that an IT person could get and our house, though it has faults, is probably one of the best bangs for the buck within twenty miles of downtown Cleveland. However my thoughts of "everyone" going 'home' formally dissipated this past Friday with the passing of our cat Sable, the last of the (many) original Cincinnati pets.

Although he had a few chronic health issues, he lived about as long as his buddy Tiger and like Tiger he had some idiosyncrasies that set him apart from the regular puss cat herd. For example he liked to race Mrs. Sandmich to the bathroom at night, probably on the off chance that he would get to play in the sink water or with one of the leaking spigots. He also preferred to get foot based 'belly rubbins' to getting pats on the head. I also get occasionally disturbed since like all black cats he could fade in and out in the shadows by opening and closing his eyes.

We have other cats at the moment, but for the most part they're...cats; barely distinguishable from any other cat you might meet. The best equivalent I can come up with (and this applies to our newer dogs as well) was the feeling I had when watching the first season or so of Star Trek Next Generation, that the cast was just an inferior knock off of the earlier, superior one.

Sadly our original 'cast' of pets is now, no more.

Sable on the left, Tiger on the right

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