Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Importing Evil

I've been unable to really muster much outrage about that Dafur place. It just seems to be a stretch of desert being fought over by competing savages. I guess though that it's all the rage in the elite circles, to the point that they're importing the losing set of savages into our country (thx Drudge):
As police were arresting Jimmy Odong, 19, of Portland and recovering the stolen merchandise, a group of about 15 to 30 people gathered, with about 10 of them becoming aggressive toward police, officers said.

A number of other officers were dispatched to the area, which is alongside the Kennedy Park housing development. Members of the gathering group, some of whom are Sudanese, like Odong, and some who are from other African countries, began calling the officers names, including "killers" and "murderers," in apparent reference to the police shooting of a Sudanese immigrant, David Okot, last month.
So the Feds decided that ruining California with ridiculous immigrations policies wasn't enough, they have to go and ruin places like Maine? By any measure these groups of people that they're bringing in from hell holes like Somalia and Sudan are people that any right thinking nation would pay to keep out. Everyone in the gathering group should have been boxed up and sent back to what passes for their country origin since they obviously like the code conduct much better there.

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