Monday, May 04, 2009

Going Green

Also eating up my time at the moment is our attempt to get a garden into the ground this year.

Mrs. Sandmich turns the last of the soil.

We'd grown stuff before. There's our pear and quince tree on the right and several years ago we grew tomatoes up toward the wood fence. The tomatoes grew well, but we didn't put any time into it and the plants were soon overgrown with weeds and had rotting, broken tomatoes that we never picked off. I guess I couldn't get up for picking tomatoes when I could go down to the grocery store and pick them up for $2 a pound, and maybe less if they're on special. For that reason this year we figured if we were going to put time into growing stuff that in addition to tomatoes we would grow more obscure stuff like leeks, shallots, eggplant, and okra, stuff that can be more pricey if it can be found at all (in decent, non-shipped-5,000 miles condition).

Yes, yes, part of my motivation has to do with all the economic horror stories I've read that will probably not come to pass. It's an overreaction, but a healthy one I figure.

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