Monday, March 02, 2009

Racist Evil 5

Those who do not actively keep track of video game news (i.e. nearly everyone) may be unaware of the festering controversy surrounding the upcoming Resident Evil 5 (i.e. Biohazard 5) video game. The game takes place in some African hellhole (as opposed to the non-hellholes) which is under assault by an evil virus (the mind boggles at the possibility!) that turns the residents into (more) evil, zombie-like creatures. The game has generated much feigned outrage like the following:
Kikizo asked the BBFC's communication head, Sue Clark, about a specific scene where a (*minor spoiler warning*) white, blond woman is dragged by a black man and "impregnated" with the virus, in a way that evokes racist imagery.
Hehehe, how racist! I mean, it's not like anything like that happens in real life!

More to the point is that the game has a white main character, along with what is accusingly called a half-white woman:

Capcom released a demo of the game that Kid Sandmich and I played through several times and it featured the tense shooter action that's a trademark of the Resident Evil series, but with an extra added bonus of doubly tense multiplayer co-op. In the game you get maybe three 'hit points' (unless it's a boss in which case you get one) and if there are ten enemies that have to be taken out, the game will give you maybe twelve rounds with which to take them out.

I have to admit though, that for as much as I wanted to see something politically incorrect I never thought that I did as the game is careful to put in a smattering of what are probably white do-gooder peace corps zombies and Arab expat zombies.

So just for the record:
Penny Arcade made up the following helpful check sheet:

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