Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reinventing the Mouse

HP is coming out with a new touch screen desktop, the HP dx9000 TouchSmart Business PC, in order to get ahead of those hot, hot Windows 7 orders (Windows 7's BIG change is the inclusion of touch screen interface support). The design is quite obviously stolen from the iMac desktop design*.

This seems like one of those times when I scratch my head and ask, "why?"
From Redmond Mag:
"We're looking forward to Windows 7 as it relates to this product," says Kirk Godkin, manager, Americas business desktops at HP. "Customers are naturally going to say, 'give me a device, give me a client, give me a PC that takes full advantage of the experience that Windows 7 is going to deliver. If it's going to have these built-in attributes as relates to touch, give me a device I can roll out in my environment.' Yeah, I'm looking forward to it."

But HP is looking beyond already touch-friendly markets. Health care will be a major target area, Godkin says -- and so will the enterprise in general.
How long has Microsoft been putting out tablet PCs that no one outside of a few niche markets has seen? Ten years? I sure hope they're kidding about regular business users buying into this stuff, one has only to hold their hand above their computer for a few minutes to figure out the stupidity of this idea. If you think that you get carpel tunnel from a mouse, oof!

*Still a slight bit different from the iMac, especially when compared to Sony's wholesale ripoff. Apple, R&D for the computer industry.

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