Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Real Racial Wuss

From Connie Schultz, incompetent PD columnist, on Eric Holder's boring and typical 'Nation of cowards' comment:
Holder was trying to make an important point that was all but lost in the ensuing uproar over those three little words. He is right that, when it comes to race, far too many white people still fear the tough conversations ...
As opposed to black people who are completely open to discussing the failure that hunts their culture.
This week, for example, two young white men were gunned down outside a bar in downtown Cleveland. One died; the other was critically injured. The first story reported four assailants, but didn't identify their race.
C'mon, we all know how the game is played. If the assailant is white the race is noted, either outright or with pictures, ESPECIALLY if the victim is black (God help us all when that happens). However, if the assailant is black that fact isn't reported quite as clearly, if it is reported at all, ESPECIALLY if the victim is a white woman.

Plain Dealer, we know who the real cowards are.

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