Thursday, February 19, 2009

Give Me My F'n Money Back

Left wing tech rag mag Computerworld has a profile up on one Michelle Erickson (LinkedIn profile) who is the, ahem, "Initiative Director, Environmental Sustainability for Global IT" at none other than Citigroup. How about a taste?
I ended up speaking to people from around the bank and got the program approved by the leadership council in September 2007. The bank has committed $50 billion toward sustainable efforts over the next 10 years. We also have a plan to reduce our own greenhouse gas [emissions] by 10% by the year 2011. And we're operating from a 2005 base
Citigroup? Hmm, that name sounds familiar, and well it should!
Late Sunday night, the government announced $306 billion in loan guarantees for the giant bank as well as another $20 billion cash infusion in exchange for preferred shares in the bank. The banking giant got $25 billion under the first bailout plan announced earlier.
I have no problem with businesses using their own money for their pointless pet projects, but it....upsets me greatly when a slimeball, corporate welfare abusing, please-to-die organization like Citigroup is blowing taxpayer money on horse crap like this. And no, the money didn't come out of a 'different bucket', they're broke and the only bucket they have is the one that they're squeezing the taxpayer teet into.

As well, I don't want to hear any bull about how a cash strapped organization like that should be blowing that much change to switch to mercury laced light bulbs. 'Green' initiatives either a) make economic sense or b) don't. Money itself is a representation of scarce resources and needs to be conserved, especially for a poorly, half-ass run outfit like Citigroup, blowing $50,000,000,000.00 on environmental feel-goodery is a horrible waste of precious resources, especially WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE MONEY OF THEIR OWN.

Shame on Computerworld for shining up to the dinner party set instead of looking out for the interest of their readers. Shame on Michelle Erickson for parlaying her talents into such a worthless, 'Stuff White (or in this case Jewish) People Like' tick on society's ass. And most of all, shame on the appalling Citigroup for still existing.

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