Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

I remember when I lived down in Cincinnati and we would have that rare winter event where we would get back to back snow storms and it would stay cold for a couple days to keep it all from melting. That was pretty cool, until I got to Cleveland and got to experience it for an entire month (at least) every year, without fail.

Check my blog, every year it's the same crap. Down in Cincy we'd fantasize that we'd get one decent snow during the winter. In Cleveland we worry that it might not end, that God will forget to turn the heat lamp back on and that we'll freeze in place.

This is my limit, I certainly couldn't live further north where the entire month of January is zero degrees and they get one warm month a year (August 2nd-27th).


Marty Plumbo said...

I look at those pictures and brimm with jealousy. Here in Columbus, Indiana (Indiana's Cincinnati), we haven't had more than a few dustings all "Winter" and I'm ready to file a formal complaint.

Evil Sandmich said...

Cincy weathermen would also say 'we might get a dusting', which usually meant a layer of snow so fine that it would evaporate when the sun hit it. I'm still in the habit of making that association with weathermen local to Cleveland and I'm repeated depressed when I get up in the morning to be reminded again that a Cleveland dusting is actually around an inch of snow. A Cincy 'dusting' isn't even reported.

Or there's the fact that people still go out in horrible weather; and I mean deplorable weather that would shut down most places (My road in the picture above has looked like that for weeks). It's not that the local services are better (they're worse), or that people know how to drive in it (they can't drive in good weather); it's just that if they waited for good weather they would starve to death in their house.

I know I've mentioned it repeatedly, but it bears repeating: after my first winter here, a winter which would have brought Cincinnati to it's knees and would be spoken of for generations, a guy at the Y said "that winter wasn't too bad". "Ahh, fudge was all I could think.