Thursday, January 29, 2009

Corn Silk Tea

This was a binge purchase when I was at the Asian grocer last. It's a corn silk tea manufactured by a Japanese-Korean conglomerate. I figured it would have a mild corn flavor, but as usual I found I was wrong when on first taste I got a dose of overpowering corn soppings*.

I know on the odd occasion when I go to the movies I might get too small a bag of popcorn and I'll find myself chewing on half popped kernels. If it's a particularly long film I will then find myself mindlessly gnawing on wholly unpopped kernels. If someone made a drink out of those unpopped kernels, this would be it.

It's not bad per se, but it's not good; more like a curiosity that probably shouldn't exist. Given that the manufacturer doesn't own up to making it, I guess they agree.

*A Google search for this beverage turned up a cottage industry for the sale and manufacture of corn silk teas as I guess it has some unknown holistic value (i.e. none). Seeing as how that stuff was rather pricey, I feel that I should point out that this drink was a whopping 79 cents down at the Asian grocer, that is, if you're into drinks that taste like popcorn-junkie urine.

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