Friday, January 02, 2009

Commie Comics

Japan, ever ready to read stuff in pictorial form, has a new love:
TOKYO – Just in time for Christmas, Karl Marx is finding a new audience among Japanese comic book fans.

The manga edition of his masterpiece, "Das Kapital," hit Japanese bookstores this month and sold about 6,000 copies in its first few days, said Yusuke Maruo of EastPress Co.

"I think people are looking to Marx for answers to the problems with the capitalist society," Maruo said. "Obviously, the recent global crisis suggests that the system isn't working properly."
As opposed to the system Marx advocated that generated more death and refugees than anything before in the history of mankind.

Although, I do have to wonder to what 'system' Mr. Maruo is referring. The current scam being run has little in common with vanilla capitalism, and Japan in particular runs a game that has much more in common with Marx's theories than Adam Smith's.

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