Friday, December 26, 2008

Battery Powered

From here:
A consortium of 14 US tech companies is asking for $1bn in federal aid to build a lithium-ion battery plant.

According to a report in today's Wall Street Journal, that steaming heap of cash would be used to help build a factory that would enable the companies, in the words of the report, to "catch up to Asian rivals that are far ahead" of US efforts to supply batteries for the next generation of electric or hybrid automobiles.
I wish I knew who said it, but I heard it said that attmepts to speed advances in technology by using only money is like trying to speed the growth of a single baby by using nine mothers.

Of course this might not be about technology, but about getting the government to foot the bill for a new battery plant, which begs the question: who wants to live next to a battery plant?

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