Saturday, November 22, 2008


Taking a break from overly critical reviews and unstable rants, I'm posting to pass on the news that our dog Nox has passed away. I know, pet obits are the height of cheese, but please humor me.

His old pal Sylva is on the left, Nox on the right

Nox was an awful dog in almost every way; however he was also very sweet and never brought any harm to anyone or anything. I gave him a pass on a lot of his mannerisms since it was obvious he drew a hard lot and it was difficult not to feel sorry for him. Then as he aged his aggravating personality traits dulled making him all the more endearing. Needless to say, he will be missed dearly.


thismarty said...

We'll miss you too, Nox.

Eric Kendall said...

Bye, Nox.

Dani-yell said...

Have fun in the Heavenly Fields, Nox. Say hi to Newton for us!
The Stiegs