Monday, November 03, 2008

Beginning of the End

Q: Boy Sandmich, you sure have pointed to a lot of bad Obama items, but you haven't said anything all that great about McCain?
A: No, I haven't


Even if McCain pulls out a victory, his will be a punt presidency more than anything else. There's nothing wrong with that, in fact it's preferable. Why rush to the day of reckoning when you can push it off for a couple years and maybe even delay it indefinitely (a big 'maybe'). However, there are three issues that trouble me greatly with this election:

  1. Obama's goons (and yes they are his, he's sent them a truck full of money) are engaging in widespread vote rigging in all the close states.

  2. The press has exceeded their regular bias and have become a very loud mouthpiece for the Obama campaign.

  3. Obama has ignored campaign finance regulations with de facto encouragement of illegal donations (particularly of foreigners).
If the press is a propaganda organ for the government and the leader of the government has obtained that power by explicit fraud it's difficult for me to see what the difference between that situation and any other totalitarian regime*. Soft totalitarianism to be (hopefully) sure, but totalitarianism none the less.

What's in it then for those that oppose government policies? It's not as if their concerns are given a fair airing, and it's not as if it would make difference in governance if they were. Additionally, since the federal government is coming up on it's spending limit, the carrots it's used to keep states in line (highway, medicare, and education money) will start to evaporate. With that, then how long before the additional pressure of extreme leftist policies cause some states to wonder about the benefits of being tied to the hip of Washington D.C.? I wouldn't picture anything so far as seccesion, but I can picture a state at some point working up the math on the taxes and regulations on their populace and determining that the cost/benefit of subservience to D.C. just isn't worthwhile and that the time had come to just ignore what D.C. has to say about pretty much everything.

Wishful thinking on my part, I know. However, the future is a bit more likely to shake out as I stated than the possibility that the government will find a magic money pot to fund all their stated obligations (to say nothing of the future).

*I cannot find who to attribute this to, but I'd read on someone's blog that America already has an issue with the person in the presidency being constantly derided as a dictator, but what happens when the president actually is a dictator?

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