Friday, October 24, 2008

Wife Beater Redux

I went to another luncheon sponsored by the local Domestic Violence Center today. I heard stories about various cretins and these stuck with me more than usual, probably because they had to do with teenagers.

The featured case was of a young guy who stabbed his fifteen year old ex-girlfriend to death and got life in prison with no parole; except, the girl's mother was distraught because the state of Iowa decided to have a parole hearing for him!

My first thought was "why?", but my second was "why is he even still alive?". However I have to wonder how far anti-domestic violence adherents would want to go to prevent such horrid crimes. I would be all for having such a low life get his entrails cut out and burned in front of him "ye old English style", but I suspect that the pushers of such gutless initiatives as anti-stalking laws would be abhorred at such a prospect.

We all dream of living in a secured park-like setting that is free of violence with a wall between them and the rest of the world, but people will have to accept at some point that to get closer to that goal, horrible things will have to happen on the other side of the wall to keep the chaos at bay. Otherwise, you're just blowing a smoke of feel-good platitudes.

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