Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ohio Issues 2008

[Update: Ooops, I missed issue 1 and misstated my stand on 5 (since corrected), oh well...]

Here's yet another roundup of Ohio ballot issues. It's always a good gauge for the populace as not every kook can get a ballot initiative in Ohio like they can out in California, so behind every issue there is usually some popular interest or a truck full of money:
  • Issue 1: Horridly technical Ohio consitutional amendment. Such details should be left to legislators.Sandmich vote: No, Sandmich Passage Prediction: No
  • Issue 2: This issue allows the state to go further into debt in order to perform vaguely defined environmental cleanup actions. A post over at the Pain Dealer site lists various projects that are tied to some sort of private development. I personally favor more favorable regulations that would allow manufacturing to return to abandoned plants rather than tearing them down for WalMarts. Sandmich vote: No, Sandmich Passage Prediction: Yes.
  • Issue 3: A justifiable fear began to grow some years ago that some corrupt enterprising state that abuts the Great Lakes would take it upon itself to sell water out of the lakes to nogoodnicks whose agricultural policies have drained their local water resources. In response the U.S. and Canada passed the Great Lakes Compact. As with most things related to government, it's rather heavy handed and this ballot initiative seeks to clarify some private property rights. Sandmich vote: Yes, Sandmich Passage Prediction: Yes.
  • Issue 4: I must confess to being mistaken on this initiative because I thought it was actually 'issue 5' for the longest time. This was the ballot initiative that would have guaranteed everyone in the state 7 paid days off from work. Someone came to their senses though and pulled the issue off the ballot.
  • Issue 5: It turns out that issue 5 is an effort to roll back restrictions that were put on 'payday' loan operators in the state earlier in the year. I hate seeing any kind of government regulation, but I can honestly attest to the fact that interest rates charged for credit loans rarely have any basis in reality. Although I've never had to use one of these places, it's not all bad that they exist. Sandmich vote: No [remove restrictions], Sandmich Passage Prediction: Yes.
  • Issue 6: Largely because Ohio's business environment stinks, DHL left their shipping hub in Wilmington, Ohio. For the longest time Wilmington, which is out in the middle of nowhere, was known for being the location of the training camp for the Cincinnati Bengals. However the Bengals have long since left and now the place will only be known for the hillbilly college that resides there, unless that is if issue 6 passes. If this issue passes then Wilmington will also be the location of the only lawfully sanctioned casino in the state. It's interesting that the same legislators that sought to protect the poor and ignorant with issue 5, seek to take from the same groups with issue 6. I guess the 'payday' loan operators main offense was not giving Uncle Buckeye a big enough cut. Anyway, yet again the quick fix of an artificial tax increase is in instead of trying to make the state a more favorable destination for businesses. Sandmich vote: No, Sandmich Passage Prediction: No.
  • Issue 127: A property tax for the county libraries. Mrs. Sandmich told me to vote YES, so I haven't put much thought into it. Sandmich Passage Prediction: No.
  • Issue 133: Parma city school tax. I grew up with a favorable impression of the public school system where my dad teaches at in southeast Indiana, but unfortunately Ohio public schools, and particularly those in northeast Ohio, are leaches. Teacher salaries start at nearly $40K a year, which isn't bad considering that A) they get their summers off, B) they pay like $20 a month for medical insurance and C) this is the killer, Ohio teachers don't pay into Social Security; and after all that they have nerve to complain about how rough they have it. I'm sick of their bitching so I feel that it's time to "starve the beast". My property values don't mean much since Uncle Sam is already seeing to populating my area with Hee-Bee-Gee-Bees on my dime via section 8 housing. Sandmich vote: No, Sandmich Passage Prediction: No.

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