Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mama Money Quote

At the YMCA tonight I had to sit through several Obama ads that featured video of the handful of times he had seen middle class white people* and several shots of the child Obama with his mother (I'M HALF WHITE!!!) before she dumped him off on her parents so that she could study Indonesian blacksmithing. If only he would also relay the message his mother pressed into him:
Sometimes I [Obama] would overhear him [Obama's step-father] and my mother arguing in their bedroom, usually about her refusal to attend his company dinner parties, where American businessmen from Texas and Louisiana would slap Lolo’s back and boast about the palms they had greased to obtain the new offshore drilling rights, while their wives complained to my mother about the quality of Indonesian help. He would ask her how it would look for him to go alone, and remind her that these were her own people, and my mother’s voice would rise to almost a shout.

"They are not my people."
No prob though, Obama has found 'his people' and they certainly aren't the people in those B.S. ads that he's running on TV:
[Kenyan presidential candidate] Mr. Odinga and Mr. Obama were nearly inseparable throughout Mr. Obama's six-day stay [in Kenya]. The two traveled together throughout Kenya and Mr. Obama spoke on behalf of Mr. Odinga at numerous rallies. In contrast, Mr. Obama had only criticism for Kibaki. He lashed out against the Kenyan government shortly after meeting with the president on Aug. 25. "The [Kenyan] people have to suffer over corruption perpetrated by government officials," Mr. Obama announced.
And who is dear Mr. Odinga?
About 50 parishioners were locked into the Assemblies of God church before it was set ablaze. They were mostly women and children. Those who tried to flee were hacked to death by machete-wielding members of a mob numbering 2,000.

The 2008 New Year Day atrocity in the Kenyan village Eldoret, about 185 miles northwest of Nairobi, had all the markings of the Rwanda genocide of a decade earlier.

By mid-February 2008, more than 1,500 Kenyans were killed. Many were slain by machete-armed attackers. More than 500,000 were displaced by the religious strife. Villages lay in ruin. Many of the atrocities were perpetrated by Muslims against Christians.

The violence was led by supporters of Raila Odinga, the opposition leader who lost the Dec. 27, 2007, presidential election by more than 230,000 votes.
In return for Muslim backing, Mr. Odinga promised to impose a number of measures favored by Muslims if he were elected president. Among these were recognition of "Islam as the only true religion," Islamic leaders would have an "oversight role to monitor activities of ALL other religions [emphasis in original]," installation of Shariah courts in every jurisdiction, a ban on Christian preaching, replacement of the police commissioner who "allowed himself to be used by heathens and Zionists," adoption of a women's dress code, and bans on alcohol and pork.
I can see why white people in general wouldn't want to vote for someone who supported white only institutions just the same as many black people are leery of politicians espousing strong ethnocentrism since it's bad for civil society and damaging to all parties; but there's got to be a difference between that and voting for someone who has had it in for them, right?

*Got to love this other line that was espoused by the theology practiced at Obama's church of twenty years:
If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him.

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