Thursday, October 16, 2008

Loser, Baby!

Some absolute loser by the name of John Seewer is going after a plumber that lives in the Toledo area because said plumber had the nerve to question Barry Obama (blessed be his name) on taxes. So instead of going after, say, a certain presidential candidate who bought his house with the help of a convicted felon (among a printed dictionary of other faults), Mr. Seewer is going after some poor schlub. As if America is better off knowing how much back taxes the poor plumber owes as opposed to whether or not someone running for president claimed a glorified bribe as income on his 1040.

I must confess, I HATE the John Seewers of the world as they work feverishly to make the planet worse, and it looks like this particular loser lives in my state which means this bottom feeder's presence has a direct impact on my well being! I HATE elites like him so VERY much that, heh heh, a certain Penny Arcade shirt came to mind, but they don't sell it anymore! Instead I snagged the comic it's based on and made a rough abbreviated version:

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