Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Slimer and Slimer

Anyone notice how the media/lefties have given the rubber glove to a Gov. Palin's daughter but couldn't get out of bed to check on Presidential (and former Vice Presidential) candidate John Edwards out of wedlock love child? Nice job American media, all the vacuum cleaners in the world couldn't make you suck more.

Gotta love toadies like George Stephanopoulos and former Gov. Tom Vilsack saying "Family is off limits, but..". But what George and Tom? The 'but' of course is that they and other lefties are letting unnamed imaginary third parties cast the aspersions that they're too castrated to make themselves.

I like this transition bit:
Got me to wondering, did any of these folks fret about Barack and Michelle Obama — week after week after week, for years — bringing their two young daughters to Trinity Church to breath in the racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American gospel according to Jeremiah Wright?
Ahh ol' Barack Hussein Obama. A man whose own Vice Presidential pick said was unfit to be president. A man who tried to get the justice department to press criminal charges against a group that had the gall to point out the fact that Obama's best buddies are convicted felons and unrepentant terrorists. A man whose wife (and more than likely himself)* hates white people nearly as much as they hate being criticized for said hatred. A man who votes to let babies die in closets while pressing for murders to get out of jail. And that's the abbreviated list of hist faults. That's a world class candidate there.

*If you want to know how such a nasty piece of business like Obama has gotten so much mileage, do a Google search for "Barack on slavery reparations". All the hits come back "Obama opposes slavery reparations", when in fact he said no such thing. Much like his, well, everything he says, it was "Of course, but.."

"Of course people should speak English, but they shouldn't, and in fact you should learn there language."

"Of course slavery reparations are not a good idea, but they then again, they are."

And so on...

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