Saturday, September 20, 2008

Microsoft Tax

For those of you who missed the expensive, short lived and painful Seinfeld/Microsoft ads, consider yourself lucky as they've already been scrapped.

Unfortunately Microsoft has all new puzzling ads (which apparently were made on a Mac). I've often wondered why Microsoft even bothers and it's a wonder their ad agency can work anything for a company with such a lousy reputation; I imagined Microsoft's concern goes like this:
M$: We need some snazzy ads for our product.
Ad agency: Okay, you having trouble selling it?
M$: Oh no, it's not that, no one has much of a choice but to buy it.
Ad agency: Umm, what's the product?
M$: It's a tax on every computer sold.
Ad agency: And what's the issue?
M$: People don't like the tax and they resent being forced to pay it. We want people to LOVE the tax.
Ad agency: That might be a bit of a challenge. How about something with a washed-up, one-note comic?

I've always thought that their was something unseemly about Microsoft ads. They're kind'a like the ads for the United States Post Office: "send your mail with us!"; well what else was I going to do?

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