Thursday, August 07, 2008

The First Angry Sandmich

This story linked by Drudge is first class depressing. It concerns Mexican soldiers banditos crossing the border and holding a U.S. border guard at gunpoint. It turns out that there have been more than 200 confirmed instances of the Mexican army crossing the border since 1996, but that's probably an extreme low-ball since our U.S. State Department is all too willing to buy into the Mexican government line that a fair portion of incursions were well equipped smugglers and not Mexican army (as if it makes a lick of difference).

Add to this the leadership in places like San Francisco subjecting their population to whims of foreign criminals, some idiots in Washington thinking that it's a good it's a good idea to import Somalis*, an expansion of the visa program that brought the 9/11 highjackers in and the complete abdication of our leaders to greedy industries that seek to water down the wages of all working Americans, and you have a real soup of discontent.

It's against that backdrop that John Derbyshire did his RadioDerb webcast on 7-25-08. One small portion of the program stuck out at me so I decided to 'score' it to some pictures:

As usual, the YouTube variation is somewhat lacking, I have it posted elsewhere though in its original Director format.

UPDATE: Thanks for the link off The Corner by none other than John Derbyshire himself. I'm flattered by the attention, although I'm more accustomed to my rants flying under the radar!

*Of course Somalis are persecuted, they persecute themselves. There could be only two Somalis left on the entire planet and they'll be 'persecuted'. I recall the Frontline episode about the Black Hawk Down incident wherein a black U.S. soldier (the only person who could do this) called them "savages". There apparently is no benchmark for letting the debris of the planet into our country.

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