Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Clone Wars

It's easy to say this film looks great, because it does. I love the Star Wars 'Future Renaissance' art style and that carries me a long way on this film. The other portion that the film has in its favor is that I cannot remember ever seeing that many laser blasts within such a short viewing. After I got out of the theater and returned to reality I mentally pegged the film as the longest ever trailer for a video game. If that isn't your bag, then too bad for you, it's a plus in my book.

The Clone Wars does, however, bring up issues that are inherit in the animated form: it get's breaks that live action doesn't, but it has to struggle to be viewed as a serious endeavor. The main issue with The Clone Wars is that the people who did the art direction and animation seemed to be shooting for the stars while the people who did the scripting seemed to dig the story out of a stack of leftover Saturday morning cartoon scripts. If one was to watch it without the dialog, one can see a film that pushes a slick, artistic style; but if one only listened to the dialog, one would envision a film pooped out by Korean animators after a weekend of work.

Overall the film did bring a little redemption for me for the Attack of Clones movie which I've long felt is one of the worst movies in terms of dollars per celluloid. It looks great, but it's a shame it didn't have something more to say.

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