Friday, July 18, 2008

Salt and Pepper

Local super cop Jim Simone bagged his fifth scumbag this past week to lauds and criticisms from the usual corners. Let's see if you can guess the races of the following two columnists who have generated much noise!

Quote from column 1:
That's not what we get with Simone. He's a career police officer, who's reportedly always wanted to be in the middle of the action. He's wanted to protect. He's someone who has consistently evidenced a willingness to die serving a dying city.

So now this is the thanks he gets for stopping a resistant bank robber. He is denigrated as a serial murderer and a bully. It would seem a bit more fitting, however, that we recognize his valor and thank him for his proven willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Quote from column 2:
Cleveland police officer Jim Simone has an alarming record of killing people.

If anyone else gunned down five people, we'd call him a serial killer.

You would be absolutely right if you guessed that the first is written by a well grounded black guy who is sick of the crime and victimhood plaguing the black community and that the second is written by a white, self-righteous woman who is an adherent of liberal group-think that preaches to rubbing yourself with spices to make yourself tastier for the evil doers of the planet. One more quote from #2:
They don't hand out death sentences. That's not their job.
Well dammit, it should be someone's job and Officer Simone seems do be doing a fine job of it.

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