Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PC Poisoning

It's not bad enough that feminists have gifted us with incompetent fire fighters and policemen...women...whatever; but now they're attacking the last bastion of American excellent, hard science*:
The problem is... it is not merely that women face discrimination from male colleagues, though that is often true, or that they are discouraged from pursuing these fields [whatever]. Rather, women with aptitude in these areas often simply have other interests and so pursue their education and careers in other fields like law, education, or biology.
Whoa, men and women are different? Could it be that even the tech idiots over at Slashdot who have long since grown high on San Francisco PC fumes, have realized that women might not want to do the same things as men? My head spins at the possibility.

Unfortunately hard facts never get in the way of the true idiots pushing this: Congress. I can't stress this enough, but this spells doom for Americas elite universities (which doesn't really concern me much) and troubles for our long term competitiveness (which apparently doesn't concern many other people besides me).

*Hard science as opposed to PC BS like 'black' or 'women' studies which are a sight better than 'GLBS' studies or absolute bilge like that. Please know that if you're involved in a program like that, you are a giant tick on America's ass. I have way more respect for even the worst welfare abuser since they at least have to show up for a real job every now and then. I recall my university buddy at one point making a half-hearted attempt to justify these to me, it was like someone trying to explain why their dad is in prison.

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